Well hello there, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet! I’m Laura, I live in Durham (not far from Newcastle upon Tyne, I’m a Geordie girl!) in North East England in a little flat with my bearded, music addicted husband James. I’m 31 and make a living doing the things I love – blogging, health coaching, writing, working with charities and communities, spreading the love of healthy habits and hopefully inspiring others along the way! 

When I’m not sat behind a computer or working with a health coaching client, I love cooking up a storm in my kitchen, practising yoga, working out in the gym, hula hooping, shopping for vintage dresses, getting inked and watching live music – usually with a cocktail in hand!

To find out more on my approach to healthy living, get your pretty mits on the free Alternative Healthy Living Manifesto!

My healthy living story

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I had a complicated relationship with food from a very young age, I can remember starting my first diet at the age of 7. I was always generally a little overweight and yo yo dieted throughout my teens. By the time I reached my twenties I was more seriously overweight, and yet again I dieted, lost weight and then regained it, plus some more, over and over again. On the outside I was generally a happy young woman, but on the inside I had zero confidence and self esteem and hated the way I looked and felt.

It wasn’t until I was 26 and saw a photograph of myself at a friends party that I realised something had to change for good.

I re joined the gym, started eating less, and then gradually eating more whole foods and the weight started to come off. I was focused enough to keep at it, and as the pounds fell off the more motivated I became. I dabbled in a higher protein / lower carb diet which helped me blast through a weight loss plateaux and by the end of 2009 I had lost almost 4 stone in a year.

The following year I was looking for some more motivation following the Christmas period and I stumbled upon fashion and healthy living blogs. I decided to start my own as an online visual food and exercise diary as well as somewhere I could talk about my love of fashion. Before I knew it, the blog’s readership grew and grew and Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish became one of the Top 10 Health Blogs in the UK.

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At this time I was learning more about food and nutrition and became interested in vegetarianism, veganism and raw food. I ran my first half marathon – The Great North Run, which was a big life goal of mine, and I felt great. As I exercised more and more, and ate super healthily, the weight continued to come off and I got down to a total weight loss of almost 6 stone. It was at this point I had to take a long hard look at myself. I was very slim, but I was not completely healthy and my interest in healthy living had become a little too obsessive. I had also started binge eating to make up for the lack of foods I’d eat during the day, and my vegan diet was no longer making me feel at my best. I made the difficult decision to gain weight, started eating animal products again and reduced my exercise.

When I made the decision to study to become a health coach, I re evaluated my own approach to healthy living. It is now holistic and more than just drinking green juice and running half marathons! 

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to diet and nutrition, different things work for different people, and it’s this approach that I take when supporting women to become the very brightest versions of themselves, whether that’s through my coaching, e guides or e courses. I want to help you find your version of healthy!

You can read all about my approach to living a wonderfully healthy life in my free Manifesto! 

My food and exercise now…

PicMonkey Collage.jpgI eat what I like, it just happens that most of the time that is fabulously healthy meals like green smoothies, giant salads, stir fries and home made curries! I also have an addiction to good coffee, croissants and the odd slice of cake. I believe that healthy living is all about finding your own balance and that we need ‘good for our body’ foods and ‘good for our soul’ foods to be our happiest!

Body Love

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I’m not your typical healthy living blogger. I’m a UK size 12 – 14, curvy and proud, and believe me, there’s not a six pack in sight.

Healthy is not a size. We all come in different shapes and sizes, some women are naturally slender and some women are naturally more curvaceous. I spent years chasing a size 8 label, and had no life in the process. When I got there, I was less healthy than when I started, and I really, really wanted cake.

Accepting and loving your body is hard, I get it. But don’t look to external ideals of what is beautiful or desirable and judge yourself against them. You are fan-flipin-tastically gorgeous. Yes, you! You might feel healthier losing some weight, and that is fine, but never forget your inner awesomeness. Getting, and keeping healthy is a whole lot easier when you love yourself already. Believe me, I know. 

If I can do it, you can do it!

I know that changing the (un healthy) habits of a lifetime can feel like an impossible task, but I’m proof it can be done! I’m not going to bull shit you though, it is hard and it does take time, but it is damn well worth it.

Subscribe to the blog, check out my manifesto, read some of my e guides and sign up for the newsletter: you’ll be well on your way to feeling like the Goddess you ought to be in no time! 

The Official Bio

Laura Agar Wilson is the woman behind the popular healthy living and lifestyle blog www.keepinghealthygettingstylish.com and holistic health coaching practice www.uniquelyhealthy.com. 

Through her blog and health coaching practice, Laura inspires and educates other women on how to look after their health with good nutrition, exercise and a positive body image. She shares her experiences of losing over 60lbs following a life time of struggling with her weight.

Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish follows Laura’s adventures in food, fitness and fashion sharing whole foods based recipes, product reviews and her personal accounts of pursuing a healthy happy life.

Laura is a certified health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she trained in over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. She also holds a qualification in diet and nutrition advice and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. She has a BA in Art and Design, MA in Community and Youth Work, and has trained in Reiki to level 1.

She is Managing Director of Uniquely Healthy Limited and Co Director of the community based enterprise Feel Good Factory North East C.I.C. where she delivers a range of community based healthy living projects.

Laura has been featured in Healthy Magazine as a Healthy Hero. She has also worked with Activia UK and Gok Wan on their Feel Good Campaign and various other brands including Alpro UK, BRITA, Maxitone, North Face, Natural Balance Foods, Next, Uniqlo and several small businesses. She has written articles for Zeo, AXA PPP healthcare, The Nutribox and is a regular contributor to the High Tea Cast blogzine.


Can you tell me more about the IIN health coaching course?

Of course! I did a these videos about it, if you have any further questions please email me

What’s the deal with the Green Smoothies? See my Green Smoothie Loving post and my Ultimate Green Smoothie Recipe posts for more info.

What blender and juicer do you use? I did use this Kenwood K Mix Blender however after many years of use it died on me and I decided to invest in a Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre and its awesome! I also use this Philips Juicer they are both fantastic and I would highly recommend them!

I’ve never heard of a lot of your ingredients, where can I find out more about them? I did a couple of unusual ingredients and where to find them posts which should help:

Unusual ingredients and where to find them part 1

Unusual ingredients and where to find them part 2 

Also take a look in the KHGS shop!

My Lots of Questions post also has more  FAQ’s on there including information on my Diet and Nutrition Advisors course. I’ll be adding to this section as time goes on so please email me if you have any other questions!

House keeping

This is a for profit blog, please see my disclosures and policies and terms and conditions for all the gumpf!

I love receiving comments on my posts, however any wholly self promotional, spam or disrespectful comments will be deleted. 

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David sutton-Lloyd September 15, 2013 at 12:40 pm

Hi Laura,
I really like your site.
We talked some time ago about doing some of your courses at Woodham.
Now that the refurbishment is completed I would like to try some ideas out with you.



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